Halloween Tactile Bins!

It’s been a while! Here’s a new post just in time for Halloween (already posted on my OT Chic Facebook page):

Halloween Tactile Bin Activity

1 bin moon sand (“grave yard dirt”)

1 bin rice (“creepy-crawly bugs”)

1 bin shaving cream (“goo”, “slime”)

Items to Find: stretchy skeletons, ghosts, colorful zombie erasers (I found these at Michael’s)

Have kids search for items- can sort into containers with matching visuals to work on visual-perceptual and categorization skills, or to differentiate between the various items through touch alone with their eyes closed (tactile discrimination-stereognosis). To build in motor planning/praxis into the activity, you can add a multI-step motor direction before transitioning to the next bin (for example, “Do four cross-crawls, seven jumping jacks, and touch your left ear.” The kids on my caseload had a blast with this!


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