Crossing Midline Activities to Help Your Kiddos Focus!


So, it’s Monday morning, and your class comes barreling into the room, seemingly forgetting all of the routines and rules you have so painstakingly taught over the past few months. Your son flops onto the couch, tossing his shoes and backpack haphazardly around the living room. You suggest that he may want to start homework, and he gives you a blank stare, as if the concept is unheard of.

Here are some situations you may want to click “pause”, and initiate some crossing midline movements to ‘wake up and refocus their systems’.

The definition of crossing midline is when one side of the body crosses to the other side. This allows for communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, thus improving focus!

Here are some examples of activities you can try:

1. Simon Says-but have the motor commands cross midline (ie- touch your left foot with your right palm).

2. Cross Crawls- the right elbow should connect with the left knee, and vice versa.

3. Have your child reach for objects on a table top surface that force them to cross midline.

4. Trace the 8s-created by an OT (who is also a Brain Gym consultant) named Steven Kane. They are a series of increasingly complex 8 cards that have to be traced with dominant, non-dominant, and both hands together. I use these all the time in my practice to work on visual motor, attention, laterality, and brain integration.

5. Yoga-so many yoga poses have crossing midline components (ie-windmill).

Basically, you can turn a lot of every day activities into focusing boosts by just altering them a bit!

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