Product Review: Discovery Putty from Fun and Function

So, I’ll be honest. I love Theraputty. It can help build on a child’s hand strength, dexterity, reduce stress, and be used again and again.

I can remember the moment during my second year as a treating pediatric Occupational Therapist, where I bought my first complete of putty, from tan (being soft-least resistance), to black (the hardest-most resistance-honestly, even I have a tough time pulling it apart!) I recall clicking “order” on the site, feeling very excited and truly like a therapist with my very own brand new set (just like in the clinics!)

Anyway, with the pediatric setting, the ‘newness’ of the putty wore out pretty quickly; I mean, how many beads or coins can you hide? And let’s be honest, those items are not so motivating for kids to search for, anyway. As stress-busters, I found that the kids on my caseload were often busy making ‘strings’, coming back to me days later that their parents were a little unhappy that those lovely lines would not come out of their clothing. As the years wore on, I looked less and less at putty as a go-to option.

I recently received a sample “Discovery Putty” from Fun and Function. It is labeled as firm resistance and children have to hide and then search for 15 brightly-colored (and very cute!) plastic animals inside the putty.

Here is my review:
-Great consistency
-Doesn’t seem to stick as easily to clothing
-Animals to search for are adorable and very motivating to search for-when my kids first got it, I split one container into three and divided the animals evenly and they sat for a good 30 minutes!

-As far as I know, there are only two levels of resistance-firm and soft (yellow-where they hide treats!) It would be great if they had more levels of resistance!

Note: This is an unbiased review; however, as stated in my policies, I am disclosing to you that I did receive this product for no cost. This did not influence my review.


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