Happy Occupational Therapy Month! (And Let’s Celebrate You!)

So, I am pretty obsessed with being an occupational therapist. I plan for OT month weeks in advance. As soon as it’s over, I start thinking about ideas for the next one. It’s a whole-month celebration for the children I treat and my own kids at home. This year, there are OT stickers and silly putty as prizes. Awesome.

Why am I so into OT month? Because I absolutely love what I do. I see the positive changes, appreciate the smallest shifts in progress while acknowledging the hard times in my kids, while feeling (and hoping) that what I am doing is changing some aspect of a child’s day. That change can sometimes make a world of a difference to a child, while giving them a sense of empowerment in areas that feel most challenging. That is what I get up for every morning to do, and what drives my passion behind my work as a pediatric OT, an author, and a mom.

So why not celebrate the profession that has allowed me to make a difference in my small part of the world?

Ok, enough about me. Take a moment and do something spectacular for yourself (whether you are a therapist, parent, teacher, etc.), because I see firsthand all the amazing and life changing work that you do with children. It’s hard, challenging, amazing, exhausting, but at the end of the day, you change lives and are so appreciated. How can YOU celebrate yourself as a valuable person and take time to recognize your awesomeness? Let me know!



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