Spooky Fun in OT Today!

Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED all things spooky. I relished anything that had to do with witches, ghosts, mummies, or zombies. I definitely passed this on to all three of my kids, who have been begging me to turn the inside of my home into a haunted house for the past six months.:)

Anyhow, as Halloween is fast approaching, my OT kids and I have been working on sensory, visual motor, praxis, gross motor, and imaginative play skills, all within the context of THE OT SPOOKY FOREST. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

1. Web Jumps
It may be a little hard to tell from the picture, but there are the following pictures on the web:
4 Ghosts (one on each corner)
2 Pumpkins (on the middle line-right and left)
1 Spider in the center
A. Kids visually scanned the web while seated.
B. Reviewed right vs. left, first physically and then on the web.
C. For kids who were ready, utilized more complex language here (I.e-ghost on the upper left quadrant).
D. Had kids jump to the the pictures called out, utilizing a range of steps (as simple as one step, or as complex as five steps, with or without integrating laterality and directionality).



2. Yarn Web Crawl
I constructed a spider web at the entrance to my treatment room, with varying sizes of spaces to crawl in and out of. I first used painters tape, but quickly found that this did NOT hold up well. I easily changed it up to a web made out of yarn, held to the door posts by painters tape, with creepy spiders drawn on the painters tape holding it together. Kids had to brainstorm how to get in and out. I placed my trampoline right near the entrance, encouraging the kids to weightbear onto their palms upon entering and exiting the room. To make this activity trickier, I had some kids try not to touch the ‘poison’ spider web with their body.





3. ‘Mummy Brains’ and Ghost Stories
Before starting my sessions for the day, I took out a cookie sheet and sprayed a container of silly string onto its surface. The result? A dry, crumbly and stringy manipulative. We took turns coming up with stories of how the ‘mummy brains’ got to our OT room. We used a flashlight by our faces when telling our spooky stories. To finish it up, the kids wrote their stories out.


Have any other developmentally-based SPOOKY ideas? Let me know!


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