Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving. There seems to be an almost magical holiday feeling that is just starting to sparkle in the air, making people feel and act all warm and fuzzy towards each other. Maybe it’s the beautiful fiery leaves falling to the ground, or the feeling of a steaming cup of tea or apple cider warming your hands as you sit in your snuggliest sweater among family and friends, eating delicious comfort food amid sounds of laughter.

What I really want to focus on with my kids this Thanksgiving is the idea of giving thanks, and feeling and expressing gratitude for the many blessings they have in their lives.

Here are some ideas that we have come up with:

1. Writing thank you notes to family and friends who we feel blessed to have in our lives.


2. Donating new and used toys to local toy drives in our area.

3. We are currently having a countdown from now until Thanksgiving (which will hopefully continue long after): Every morning during breakfast, and every evening during dinner, we will all say at least one thing that we are grateful for in our lives (no matter what kind of day we’ve had!)


4. Creating a small “Thankful Tree”, similar to the one that I created at work (just to a smaller scale; see my post for more details). It would be a nice addition to our playroom!


5. Compliment Jar: I have talked about this is an  earlier post, but something that has worked for my family to “keep up the love” between my kids (especially during arguments) is our compliment jar. It’s basically a clear jar filled with different positive affirmations that you say to another person. Beyond this, we have eliminated the “I’m sorry” as a means to get out of wronging another person. Actions speak louder than words-our kids need to follow up a full apology with a positive action for the person whom they wronged.

I feel so blessed and thankful for so many amazing and inspiring people in my life; that definitely includes you. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!


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