Write a Letter to a Disney Princess!

I have a child on my workload who loves different characters from TV and movies, especially Disney princesses. Due to fine motor weakness and visual perceptual/motor difficulties, writing is a challenge. How can you get a reluctant writer to start? Find that motivator. And we found a gem of a motivator yesterday!

When I introduced the idea of writing a letter to her favorite Disney princess, she was ectatic! I took out modified handwriting paper, with thick gray lines on the bottom to help her with letter placement and overall sizing and legibility, stuck a golf pencil with a grip in her hands, and we immediately got to work.

I did not tell her what to write at all; this was her letter, and I wanted her to feel a sense of ownership and pride over the finished product. (We did, however, have a conversation afterwards about using please and thank you the next time we ask for something. Look at the picture below, you’ll see why):

image image

We finished the session by having her fold her letter, place it into the envelope (bilateral integration, motor planning, fine motor coordination, etc.), and sealing it up. Her last words to me before going back to class were: “Run that to the post office, Lauren! Can you do it right now?” Her genuine excitement was contagious, and thinking back to that session has me smiling now, as I am writing this post.😊

Some Info:

The paper we used was from: wwww.toolstogrowot.com

The website with all the information for writing to a Dinsey princess/character is: http://www.couponingtodisney.com/write-a-letter-to-a-disney-character-and-get-a-postcard-in-return-2/

Have a great day!


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