Go Bowling for Kids:)

It’s been pretty hectic over here at my neck of the woods; I don’t know about you, but this time of year tends to keep me pretty busy. I’m excited to actually find a few minutes and sit down and write up some of the fun activities that we have been doing in our therapy space. (Note: You need special safety equipment for the activities that I am describing; that is not to say that you can’t modify what I’m about to describe to account for safety).

Human Bowling Pins:

1. I utilized different types of balance boards, in combination with a crash mat placed securely behind two children. Depending on the child’s ability to balance, I provided different boards, with varying levels of difficulty.

2. Next, I took a large theraball, and had each child (for the most part, I did this in groups of two), alternate between bouncing, catching, and tapping the ball back to me. I didn’t say who I was throwing to, integrating the skill component of attention into the mix of gross motor, postural strength and stability, and sensory integration.

3. I prefaced the activity with demonstration of how to fall backwards safely, with head tucked in. At the end of the activity, I gently pushed each child into the crash mat. (I placed soft and inflated items around the crash mat, to ensure that kids would be safe during this activity; I also ensured that there was enough floor clearance to allow them room to wobble, and ultimately fall).

You can purchase crash pads at therapy sites, such as Funandfunction.com. All other materials can be purchased at most major retailers (ie-Amazon). This activity is a great sensory diet activity that provides a significant amount of input, while working on many other important skill components. Let’s not forget that kids had a blast participating, as well!


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