Cozy Retreats for Overwhelmed Kids

My kids love having a few spots designated just for them to go and just ‘chill-out’ after a long day, or if they are just not feeling themselves. I would love to see some of your own versions! Please feel free to share (whether it’s at home, in your clinic, or in your classroom). Next post: your own go-to cozy space…we all need those, now don’t we? If you don’t have one, well, get started creating one! You’ll thank me for it-they can be made, even in the smallest of spaces.



2 thoughts on “Cozy Retreats for Overwhelmed Kids

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I love your ideas for chill out spaces at home. You may like to have a look at my surf shack which is in my therapy room. It has blackout curtains so we can reduce visual input and lots of soothing soft lights and a lullaby box (see Facebook post). I used to use the pop up tents but as I work with children who are very impulsive I found they kept breaking. My surf shack also doubles as a puppet theatre when I work on language, imagination and story telling with children.
    Suzie Ankers Occupational Therapist


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