Spring Obstacle Course!

Since I work with kids of many different faiths, I don’t focus activities as holiday-specific; rather, they are focused around more general themes, such as seasons. In this particular obstacle course, however, there were some underlying ‘Easter-like’ props-but only, honestly, because I liked the texture, shapes, and the bright spring colors. Not one child even asked or mentioned if this was an Easter activity. Of course, if you would like to re-frame it that way, it wouldn’t be that too far a stretch.

Here’s the Simple Breakdown of our Obstacle Course (in Case You Would Like to Replicate/Modify it in your Clinic, School, or Home):

1. We conducted this activity in pairs. Kids each started out with a scooter, and a sensory box in between them. The contents of the sensory box were as follows:

-Pastel shredded paper filler

– Rough, sparkly textured eggs (small and medium sized)

-Plastic pop-open eggs, each with a gross motor activity inside

-Two tablespoons

2. Kids would be given directions to take different items out of the sensory box (I.e-3 small eggs for the first round, 5 large eggs for the second round). Kids would alternate between laying prone on their bellies (pushing themselves wih flat palms), or sitting with crossed legs and propelling themsleves with oars back and forth; all the while ‘staying in their lane’. They would proceed to drop their eggs into a bucket in their lane. See the yellow line?




3. Finally, for the last segment of the activity, kids searched the sensory box for plastic spoons and plastic eggs, and walked on different types of lines while balancing an egg on their spoon. Once they got to the end of the line, the child would open the egg and do whichever gross motor task was inside.





4. At the end of the session, I asked the children to recall each step that was completed (in order, if they could), down to the details of stating how many of each egg they collected.

We all had an eggcellent time! 🙂

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