#30DaysofGratitude: OT-Students’ Style

Have you seen this on social media, the idea of completing 100 days of gratitude? The motivation behind this is that the individual first thinks of/lists something in his or her life that they are truly grateful for, thus, over time realizing  that all the ‘small’ wonderful moments, actions and pieces of everyday life are actually important, essential, and positive.

I loved the idea as soon as I saw it. I’ve done my own, more personal version of this activity, and still keep it up, on a pretty regular basis (albeit mentally).

I soon thought of all the children whom I treat, and how much they could benefit from such a mindset-shift (couldn’t most anybody?) I decided to do a collaborative project, where they would all come together, listing what they are grateful for in their own lives. This added up to 30 days, one month, that ended just today. See the picture below (I had to smudge out faces for privacy purposes so it’s not the best quality, but I’m sure you can get enough of an idea).


Some of the wonderful, quirky, and fantastic ideas that the children came up with were as follows:
– “Feeling cozy”
-“Morning sky”
-“Life on Earth”
-“Having a friend to smile at every day”
-“Being born”
-“Playing with friends outside”
-“Wet floor signs” (this was added by my co-OT’s child, who is in kindergarten. So cute!)

Hoping this post brought a smile to your face😊.

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