Mother’s Day Love: Simple and Powerful

Since I am both a mom and an OT, having the kids I work with write out what they love about their mother (or  grandmother, etc.) felt especially important. “I wouldn’t want my kids to write that they love me because I buy them things,” I repeated (quite a few times), thoughout the past few days, as they pondered what made their mother/maternal figure so special to them. I was pleasantly surprised, and actually brought to near-tears at quite a few of their responses.

Here are a few samples:


Now, I am all for projects. I think that the act of initiating, building on, and completing a craft is absolutely amazing developmentally, for so many reasons.

Sometimes, however, when you want to get to the simplicity of a child’s feelings (which, paradoxically, can be quite complex when they are trying to label and express it functionally), the more basic the activity, the more beautiful the message you are likely to receive.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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