Have YOU Ordered Your Copy of The Kids’ Guide for Your Home, Classrom, or Therapy Space? (Hope I Don’t Sound Like a Commercial!)


I know it’s still July…but, if you ARE thinking slightly ahead about September (whether you are a parent, teacher, or therapist), now would be an AWESOME time to pick up a copy of The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control for your home, classroom, or therapy space.

Parents and caregivers: Learning and reinforcing language around physical and emotional states of regulation, along with different strategies that address them, across different situations (i.e-home, vacation, etc.), is a great way to practice these skills before school (and introduce them to your child’s educational team to increase transfer of skills and success).

Teachers: I may be biased, but I think you may find yourself enjoying reading this book while relaxing over this hard-earned summer break ! Once you have the language and strategies under your belt, there are so many ways that this book can be implemented into daily routines (i.e-class jobs, scheduled movement breaks, individualized charts provided, charts for a sensory area provided, suggested sensory tools/environmental adaptations (if necessary), as well as many suggestions on creating sensory-friendly environments that are conducive to functional states of self-regulation in children within the classroom).

Therapists: This book breaks down treatment into a graded-model of intervention, and places the role of responsibility and self-monitoring on the child, as much as possible, while promoting independence and a sense of control. The use of simple language that is directly connected to physical and emotional states and simple strategies that are on a continuum from simple exercises-to tools-to gross motor exercises, allow for a variety of treatment opportunities, especially within the context of the child’s natural environments. Reading this before the school year allows for you to work collaboratively with a child’s entire educational team, and create cohesive tools and support, that are most conducive to functional outcomes.

The book is being reprinted at this time. It is currently out of stock on Amazon US, and only has a few copies on most Amazons. Other bookstores have it, especially internationally. Please note that while it may be out of stock, it can still be ordered.

Would you like to see some of the reviews? I’m pretty proud of them!









My second book, which I am super-excited about (!), is also available for pre-order, and is due out November 21st:  “How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses (Hardcover). Here’s a brief description: Narrated by a superhero called Self-Control, this illustrated book provides a variety of super power strategies to help children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties, aged approximately 4 to 7 years, to master self-control.”

Ok, enough of that. I hope that you are enjoying your summer!! I, for one, plan on continuing  to appreciate every moment. How about you? 😀

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