Discovery Bags!

So, it’s been ‘Camp Mommy’ over here. One part of our day where I see some really great ideas (and my kids look forward to the most, I may add) is what we call ‘Invention Hour’. This is the part of the day where they have the opportunity to go through art supplies and recyclable materials, and to come up collaboratively with something entirely new! We have often had a version of this on weekends throughout my children’s childhood, and it has been great for their growth as siblings, as well as their ability to think abstractly, creatively, and collaboratively. (I had so much fun coming up with names of different parts of our camp day, by the way.)

One pretty OT-ish ‘invention’ that my kids had a blast creating were discovery bags. My OT heart almost burst with pride. 🙂

I wasn’t too surprised when I heard the kitchen sink running yesterday, about ten minutes after they disbanded into the den and began rifling through art supplies. I was, to be honest, happily sipping my coffee and reading my book! You see, Invention Hour is great for me-time, as well (at least, 90% of the time.)

Finally, the giggles were just too much, and I had to see for myself what they were so excited about-and I loved what I saw. Their independence, turn-taking, and happiness was just amazing!

Here’s them playing with their glitter bags this morning: (after I superglued the tops closed last night).
The idea was so simple, and it was all theirs! Best of all, they used items from around the house:
-Large freezer bag
-Sequins of different sizes, shapes, and colors)
-Beads of different sizes, shapes and colors (some even glowed in the dark!)

Optional: you could always add food coloring, glitter, etc. Using either alphabet or number beads can add an academic component to this project (i.e.-find two numbers that make 5, find the letters that spell cat).

Visual Perceptual Focus: ask your child to find 2 red beads and one green bead, etc.
Sensory Focus: We put them in the fridge, and they were a fun and cool activity to use after coming in from the hot weather.

Sometimes children are the best teachers. I have definitely found that to be the case, on more than one occasion. I wonder what they’ll come up with next time!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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