Make a Wish!…Birthday Nostalgia

I always find myself to be nostalgic around my children’s birthdays. I catch myself poring over picture albums, cuddling them a little tighter (usually to the protest of, “Mommy! I have to go…”), or simply thinking back to when they were babies (I know, they are still young, and it will only get worse!)

Today, we celebrated my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday. For the past few weeks, I found myself caught up in the planning; what supplies do we need? Have to send out the evites! Where are we going to put all these little girls in my house? Today, I ran around like an energizer bunny setting up and ensuring that 25 children (plus play dates for my older two kids) were happy and busy for the mere hour and a half that was the ‘big event’.

Suddenly, it was over. As I watched my now-big-girl chatting and helping to clean up the house, I felt a surge of overwhelming emotion; have I been a good role model? What about the last time that I raised my voice-does she remember? Does she feel how much I love her, every single day? They don’t always talk about the hard parts of parenting; where you doubt your decisions. Where you hope you made enough positive choices and amazing memories with your kids that they will look back on their childhood with a warm feeling in their hearts.image

That’s what this birthday symbolizes: five years of her precious life that I am so thankful for.

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