Free Play and Human Connection

“It’s a castle!”

“Now this is a boat going to the castle, ok?”

This session started with me taking two of my quietest kids into the therapy gym, and saying: “Go play!”

At first, I was met with blank stares.

“But what should we DO?”

“Figure it out,” I said with a smile.

The two 3rd graders simply sat there at first, staring at all the large gym equipment: crash mats, foam climbing ladders, inclines, etc.


Suddenly, an outburst of conversation and activity began. The room was arranged into one scene-a magical castle; it was then rearranged to accommodate the boat and the river. Finally, I joined in as the ‘scary monster’ (their request), as they flung soft beanbags at me! (It was actually really fun-I’m kind of like a big kidšŸ˜Š).

I’ve never heard either child speak so much, be more engaged, focused, motivated, or excited. I felt blessed to be part of a small yet special moment in their young lives where there truly was a spark of connection between two people that was fosteredĀ during interactive, movement-based, and imaginative play.

I wish you could have see those two little children walk back into their classroom-their heads held high, secret smiles of their adventure fresh on their faces.

Let’s keep free play going!!

Have a wonderful rest of your week:)


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