Afraid, Proud, Humbled, Vulnerable. Peaceful.

I woke up super-early this morning (earlier than usual). I walked outside, and appreciated how small I am even imagecompared to the trees surrounding my house.

This relates directly to what is happening tomorrow- when my second book is being released. There are too many words to describe how I’m feeling.






My feelings battle with one another, yet I am strangely ready for this day to come.

It has always been about the kids.

I loved seeing the “aha” moments through my work; the ability of my own children and those whom I treat to, even in a small moment, find the control to label their feelings and choose a strategy to get on with their day. This professional area of focus has become my niche in my clinical practice.

Ever since I found my passion as both a mom and an occupational therapist working with different abilitied-kids, I wanted to push my work farther, into more families, more schools, more countries.

Each and every word that I type and is part of my books is truly a bit of my soul; the serious, the silly, the heartfelt.

The writing process for me is cathartic in a way that I hope with all my heart that I am doing some good in changing the way that others can cope with life’s struggles.

As I sit here, typing now, I dream of all the possibilities of where my books may go. Those same feelings pop up.






But that’s ok. I believe in the message of this book, and the good that I wish with all my might that it will bring to others throughout the world. I just feel so, so incredibly blessed for the opportunity to have both  written and published it.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend.


2 thoughts on “Afraid, Proud, Humbled, Vulnerable. Peaceful.

  1. I totally get that mix of emotions! I think you’re brave writing books when everyone can offer a review. My feeling about your new book is one of excitement as I wait for it to arrive in the mail!


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