Priorities, Reflection, and Following Your Dreams

I’ve been off from work for the past five days in honor of Presidents Week. It’s been a great opportunity to reflect on my life-to think about priorities, decompress, and reevaluate what’s important; of course, above all, for me it is my family.

I’ll be honest: I’ve had health scares over the past two years, with a recent episode truly acting as a wake up call to slow down; something difficult for many of us juggling so much, no?

We feel as if we can do it all-whether you are a stay at home parent, a working parent, or someone with no children but a ton of other responsibilities. And when we can’t juggle everything and are just having one of those days , it can feel overwhelming.

Prioritizing what’s important: It’s so much easier said than done, isn’t it? And there is no easy answer of how to go about doing so, I don’t think. But nothing worth it that has a significant impact on one’s life ever has an easy fix, at least in my experience.

I think that what has been working for me has been seeing the happiness on my kids’ faces as I devoted that much more energy into their day-whether it was as small as reading an extra book at night, or as big as creating a sensory bin area in our family room-that’s my reminder, and it’s been working (at least, so far). And if I have a day where it doesn’t, that’s ok. Life isn’t about black and white, it’s comprised of beautiful colors and grays that make it not only liveable, but with the right mindset, beautiful.

Has prioritizing been easy always? Certainly not. I have the personality where I strive to be the best in everything, and tend to be crushed if that’s not the case. Another one of my journeys, I suppose. Again, I’m not perfect-and the journey of being a parent or being human can be beautiful in its imperfection.

I am extremely proud of my successes as an author and a pediatric OT. I’ve worked so,so beyond hard to get where I am. I’m currently at the editing stage of my third book in the Awesome and In Control Series with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

I’ve written my books after working full days, trying my best to be a good mom to my kiddos until after they are calmly tucked in for the night (since my children were always my priorities); my own sleep has been hard to come by over the past few years!

It wasn’t all sweet roses. I’ve had my “It’s too much!” moments. In those really hard times, I pushed through with those priorities fresh in my mind. I used personal mantras often: “This is only temporary”, “When I’m done, it will be beyond worth it”, “I have the  capacity to finish and finish strong-I am powerful.” Coffee did help, too:)

Writing books that make a difference in the lives of children and families was and continues to be my dream -and I’m not shy or quiet about being proud of those accomplishments-and I don’t think that I should apologize for that. Almost every day I have a moment of mindfulness, being thankful that I am lucky to have achieved my dream of being a published author.

I want to inspire you that you can also follow your dreams, even if you feel as though life is too busy. It’s about priorities. You are stronger than you know. You just have to believe it. Write it, say it, think of a time where you showed your strength of body and/or spirit: let this be your personal validation.

Yet, at the end of the day, stripping away the extra…

I’m a mom to three amazing kids; three sweet, kind, quirky and loving individuals who I hope and wish, with all my heart, that they look back on their childhood with love and warm memories, knowing with full certainly that they were always so, so loved.

Life is short. I hope this post inspired you in some way to look at your life, examine what’s most important to you, and make sure you devote your love and energy to those priorities. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder:)

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