The Beauty of Childhood


It was my birthday yesterday. No balloons, no waking up in excitement to check if it was past 12 AM-so that I could officially consider myself one year older. I suppose I’m beginning the stage where birthdays are transcending into markers in time, acknowledging that life is passing, sometimes way too quickly!

6 AM, on the dot, I hear hushed whispers downstairs, accompanied by quiet flurries of activity. My kids are definitely up to something.

Around an hour or so later, their faces flushed with pride, they show me their birthday creations. My older two graduated from mere cards, and expanded their horizons to word hunts and jewelry boxes (with a little bracelet, and an even more precious promise to my mother’s heart that she will clean up the play areas-not once, but twice!). My youngest’s words of love were apparent across the stacks of papers that she happily offered to me.

I sometimes feel that we are battling a world filled with electronics, trying to teach them the joy that can be found in simplicity; yes, it may take some exploration, but the reward can be boundless. As a mom, and as a therapist, I see it especially in my eldest daughter, as there is pressure from her friends, and in the technology-driven world we live in.

This is not to say that I am against technology; I’m writing this post on my smartphone right now! I have found so many wonderful benefits of technology, as well.

As I know I have mentioned  before, at least for my family, it’s about balance in life with all things. I want my kids to be well-rounded. Too much of anything, I have found, is usually not a great thing:)

I want them to be prepared for the technology-driven world that we live in, yet I know that between school and some weekend exposure and homework assignments requiring it, they should be ok.

I don’t want them to miss the simplicity of childhood.

Making mud soup in my yard.

Swinging on the swings until they feel as if they could touch a cloud.

Searching for the most beautiful, most sparkly rock in the world.

Running outside so fast in the chilly, fresh air that they feel free and grounded at all once.

Creating block cities across the living room with imaginary worlds with secrets of the lives lived within them passed between friends.

Collecting all the blankets in the house, and attaching them to couches and chairs, creating amazing forts-no grown-ups allowed.

Playing house. Or zoo-keeper. Or photographer.

The beauty of childhood.image

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