Cardboard Hideouts!

This summer, I spent a good deal of time mentally preparing for the many trips to art supply stores and  making schedules in anticipation for the 6 weeks that my children would be home at ‘camp mommy’.

Well, that didn’t happen. And the results were still pretty awesome-plus, my kids didn’t once complain that we didn’t have any standard ‘art projects’.

One of the definite favorite activities that we did this summer was creating Cardboard Hideouts.

We talked about the importance of recycling, the kids discussed how they would use their own box as a retreat to calm down-they are most definitely therapist’s kids😀 (I had just ordered large items, so the boxes were huge!), and collaborated on materials that they needed to built/create/decorate their respective structures.

Items that they used included:

-Painters tape (to connect cardboard, paper, other decorative materials we had on hand)

-Markers, crayons, paint markers

-Colorful construction paper


So, the hideouts have moved around a bit. They started out in their rooms. Now one or two are in our playroom. One day, one may turn into a car. Another day, it’s a cool down spot. It depends on the day-or moment:). image


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