Gift Ideas for the Holidays

There are a ton of toys and activities out there in the world, but unfortunately I can’t review each product that I have tried in one blog post! 😀

What I would like to do is offer a general list of toys/activities/products that we have found to be fun, effective, and simple-to-use, that also happen to work on different important developmental skill components.

Whether at home or at work, these picks have proven to be OT and kid-approved!

Fine Motor

1. Beado

2. Suspend

3. Yeti in My Spagetti

4. Tricky Fingers

5. Clics

6. Squigz

7. Lego sets

8. Clics

9. Operation

10. Boogie board

11. Zoob

12. Peg activities (i.e.-Alex Peg and Layer Jungle)

13.  K’Nex

14. Tinkertoy

15.  Tweezer activities (i.e.-Lakeshore Feed the Bunny/Puppy)

16. Fidgets: Bug Out Bob, “Squoosh Pets” (Fun and Function)

17. Pop-Arty!

18. Reusable sticker activities (i.e.-Play Scene)

19. Velcro food sets (i.e.-Melissa and Doug Pizza/Birthday Cake/Cookies)

20. Make your own creature (i.e.-Mr. Potato Head)

21.Rainbow Loom activity sets (I have found them pretty cheap at discount stores now)

22.Weaving Loom

23.Duct tape projects

24. Wikki Stix Activity Sets

25. Play dough activity sets

26. Putty activities

27.  Lincoln logs

28.  Pop beads (they come in different sizes, which affects the level of difficulty).


Visual Motor/Perceptual

1. Quirkle

2. Q-Bitz

3. Set

4. Spot It/Jr.

5. Find it/Jr.

6. Bounce Off

7. Rush Hour/Jr

8. Perplexus/ Jr.

9. I Spy Games…

10.  The Multi-Matrix Game

11. Alex Button Art

11. Interlox

12. Jenga


14. Labrynth

15. Kerplunk!

16. Blokus

17. Colorama

18. Lacing Beads, Pop Beads

19. Think Fun Hoppers

20.Get a Grip on Patterns

21.Felt activity sets (they have great ones on This also works on motor planning and fine motor coordination.

22. Marble magnetic mazes

23. EdEx Rainbow Pebbles and Geostix

24.ThinkFun Swish/ Jr.


Sensory/Self Regulation

1. Body Sox (I like the Space Explorer from Fun and Function)

2. Resistance Play Tunnels

3. Trampoline (i.e.-Bazoongi Bouncer)

4. Balance Board (i.e.-Alex Monkey)

6. Fidgets (i.e.-tangle, dough ball, spiky, bracelet, bug-out-bob, keyring, isoflex, etc)

7. Alex Kid Concoctions-Magic Muck, Mix n’Slime, Slippery Spheres, Silly Squares

8. Moon Sand

9. Model Magic

10. Blubber

11. Kinetic Sand

12. Super Snow

13. Hopper Balls

14. Bilibo

15. Brookstone Sand/sandbox/toolbox

16. Lava lamps

17. Fish/aquarium lights

18. Beanbag chair

19. Crash pad

20.  Pop-up tent to cool-down

21. Aaron’s Thinking Putty (magnetic, color changing , etc.)

22. Indoor swing/hammock

23. Calming coloring books

24.Fort building kits (i.e.-Crazy Forts)

25. Indoor snowballs

26. Orbeez

27. Ned’s Head

28. Yoga Spinner Game

Have any other suggestions? Feel free to comment below!

imageMy warmest wishes to you and your family this holiday season,



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