Cardboard Hideouts!

This summer, I spent a good deal of time mentally preparing for the many trips to art supply stores and ¬†making schedules in anticipation for the 6 weeks that my children would be home at ‘camp mommy’. Well, that didn’t happen. And the results were still pretty awesome-plus, my kids didn’t once complain that we […]

One Way That We Have Been Using “How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control”: a Simple Solution for Transfer of Strategies

Barbecues, amusement parks, the pool, long summer nights chasing fireflies. Weekends at the beach, the ocean breeze and the hot sun sprinkled with the sounds of happy laughter as children build sand cities, moats, breaking only to rush into the shallow tide of the crashing waves before running happily back to their spot by their […]

A Functional Activity With Embedded Academic and Developmental Skill Components

Multi-step gross motor and sensory activities with academic skills embedded within the task, among other developmental skill components, can be quite simple to put together, with powerful effects on child learning and overall developmental growth-especially if done consistently, with a multi sensory approach, ¬†with some variation, and over time. Wordy? I’ll explain, through a concrete […]

The Beauty of Childhood

It was my birthday yesterday. No balloons, no waking up in excitement to check if it was past 12 AM-so that I could officially consider myself one year older. I suppose I’m beginning the stage where birthdays are transcending into markers in time, acknowledging that life is passing, sometimes way too quickly! 6 AM, on […]

“Sending Loving Wishes to the World”: OT Kids

  Valentine’s Day. Love, joy, appreciating those in your life. I’ve always thought of it as such a beautiful holiday:) This year, in my work with my kids, I wanted to go beyond the standard Valentine’s Day cards. Our theme was: “Sending Loving Wishes to The World.” It goes in the line of thinking beyond […]