The Perfect Parent?

Today was certainly one of those days; I’m attributing it to daylight savings time. And you know the funny part? My kids were (mostly) well behaved, my hubs was perfectly nice (probably kind of afraid of me by mid-day)-I was the member of the family who was cranky, grumpy, and seriously needed (and welcomed) a […]

Free Play and Human Connection

“It’s a castle!” “Now this is a boat going to the castle, ok?” This session started with me taking two of my quietest kids into the therapy gym, and saying: “Go play!” At first, I was met with blank stares. “But what should we DO?” “Figure it out,” I said with a smile. The two […]

Make a Wish!…Birthday Nostalgia

I always find myself to be nostalgic around my children’s birthdays. I catch myself poring over picture albums, cuddling them a little tighter (usually to the protest of, “Mommy! I have to go…”), or simply thinking back to when they were babies (I know, they are still young, and it will only get worse!) Today, […]


The summer has been amazing for my kids. It’s been a nice combination of relaxation, play, exploration, and structure-all the while, providing ample opportunities for mommy-child bonding time. The transition to back-to-school has been, over the past week or so, introduced subtely through play, reading books, doing some school work, and having some conversations about […]


As children of a pediatric occupational therapist who is obsessed with all things sensory, my kids are well-versed in the use of many different sensory tools and manipulatives. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when, a few days ago, my children emerged from the kitchen, with handmade fidgets, configured out of animal-balloons (I’ll get […]


I was starting lunch, and noticed that the kiddos were looking, well, kind of antsy. “Want to look for rocks?” I ask, to an assent of cheers, as they scamper away to grab little plastic bags and their shoes. Finishing up their lunch, I make my way to the yard and see my three little […]