Simple Ways to Make Breathing Tangible

This week in OT, we have been reviewing our Bubble Breath strategy from the Awesome and in Control curriculum. We made this tangible (and fun!) by utilizing straws, combined with this specific breathing technique, to push characters across a ‘pond’, and ‘drive cars’ across roads and letters. Not only did these activities address self-regulation, but […]

DIY Rubberband Fidget

Simple sensory solution: looping rubber bands around a shower hook! The beads of the shower hook can be rolled on the arms, legs, or between the fingers for added tactile input, while stretching the rubber bands at the midpoint of the body provides deep pressure input to the body, a sense of grounding, and increased […]

Pet Rocks

Today in OT, we created “Pet Rocks”. Kids squeezed glue, practiced different grasps while picking up materials, and worked on drawing skills while sketching added facial details to personalize their cute creations. The rocks were still kind of dirty, so this activity definitely had an added natural sensory component! 😊

Planting Flowers for Mothers Day

Today in OT, we planted bulbs as gifts for Mothers Day! Kids scooped soil, pinched bulbs, and squeezed spray bottles (and got their hands as dirty as they felt comfortable!) This activity addressed sensory integrative, visual motor, fine motor, and cognitive perceptual skills😊🌸.

Using Lego to Represent Ideas

Today in OT, kids created lego representations of what they did over spring break; they then practiced their handwriting skills by jotting down a sentence or two describing their creations. In two of the pictures depicted, one student built a lizard he received, and another student created a mall that he went to. This activity […]

DIY I-Spy Bags

I used to firmly believe in purchasing standard games as therapy products. (Not that there is anything wrong with standard games! But I do believe that they have their time and place.) My initial use of board games as a primary intervention may have partially stemmed from having three children under three in diapers, while […]

Gift Ideas for the Holidays

There are a ton of toys and activities out there in the world, but unfortunately I can’t review each product that I have tried in one blog post! 😀 What I would like to do is offer a general list of toys/activities/products that we have found to be fun, effective, and simple-to-use, that also happen to […]

Pumpkin Spice Play-Dough!

I love doing hands-on projects with the kids I work with and my own children. There’s just something fun, festive, and exciting to create, experiment, to figure out the-just-right creation we are aiming for (I like to ‘guesstimate’ with my kiddos a lot, and play around with different amounts of ingredients, allowing them to feel […]