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Apps are a great way to engage all children to learn, develop fine motor, graphomotor (handwriting) sensory, visual motor, visual perceptual, and cognitive-perceptual skills. If its on a screen, it must be fun, right? Tip: When using handwriting apps on the ipad, try using a ipad ‘touch pen’. This gives your child the kinesthetic awareness and practice for actual handwriting. I like the Belkin Professional Capacitive Tip Stylus for Touchscreen Devices. It retails for around $9. For utilizing typing programs to mimic the computer, I recommend using a wireless (or connected) keyboard, such as the Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard.

Here is an updated list of some great apps that address some great developmental skill components! 😉

1. Fine Motor/Dexterity
a. Dexteria
b. Dexteria Jr.
c. Chalk Walk
d. Shape Up Lite
e. Bug Basher
f. Knots
g. Pickup Sticks
h. Dino Maze
i. Critter Quitter
j. Shelby’s Quest
k. Tapping Test
l. Cookie
m. Mr. Potato Head
n. Crazy Tapper
o. Crazy Bubble
p. KanDo HD

2. Visual Perception
a. Figure Ground
b. P.O.V
c. Search60Pro
d. My Mosaic
e. PopWords!
f. Where Is It?
g. TriZen Free
h. Color Number
i. Trace Shapes HD
j. Magic Words
k. Bib
l. Quell
m. Secret Castle
n. Form Constancy
o. Trace n’ Go
p. 3D Magic Word Search
q. Mystery Manor
r. Visual Discrimination
s. Pattern Search
t. Form Constancy
u. iOT Session

3. Visual Memory
a. Monster Hunt
b. Presents
c. Find 50
d. White Lines
e. Sam Phibian
f. Memory Birds
g. Magic Match
h. Arrogant Birds

4. Vision Training
a. Dyslexia
b. Visual Attention
c. Captain Lazy Eye
d. LetterReflex
e. DyslexiaQuest
f. EyeBerry
g. Eye Movement Training
h. Eye Focus
i. Vision Tap
j. Eye Exerciser 3
k. Baby Visual Stimulation Lite
l. Baby Charmer

5. Sensory
a. BrainWorks
b. StoriesAboutMe
c. PotSmash
d. FireWorks
e. Fluid Monkey
f. Pocket Pond
g. Attention
h. Attention Train
i. Focus Monitor
j. Impulse Control
k. Magic Booster
l. It’s Focus Time!
m. Art of Glow
n. Drop Catcher
o. Sound Box
p. MeMoves
q. Falling Stars
r. MoodBender
s. Coaster
t. MetroTimer
u. Pot Smash
v. Zones
w. Focus on the Go
x. True Metronome
y. Class Dojo
z. Too Noisy
{. Breathing
|. Electra
}. Just Touch

6. Yoga/Meditation
a. Super Stretch
b. Sun & Moon
c. Yoga by Teens
d. C-Fit Yoga
e. Yogaland
f. Meditation Jar
g. Magic Garden2
h. Magical Me 1
i. Magical Me 2
j. Magical Garden 1
k. Magical Castle 2
l. Magical Adventure 2
m. Rays1
n. Enchanted 2
o. Enchanted
p. Magic Castle 1
q. Magical Adventure

7. ADLs
a. Shoe Tying
b. Magic Shoes

8.Visual Motor
a. Fruit Ninja
b. Subway Surf
c. Glow Hockey
d. Temple Run
e. Sky Burger
f. Kokako 123
g. Simon 123
h. Magic Piano
i. Toy Balls HD
j. Wood Maze
k. Spy Mouse HD
l. Mouse Maze
m. Angry Birds
n. Wood Maze
o. Bugs and Buttons
p. Bugs and Buttons 2

a. Abby Pal
b. ABC Circus
c. ABC Cursive
d. Letter Toy
e. ABC Adventure
f. Play 123
g. My Name
h. Cursive Practice
i. Word Burst
j. LetterSchool
k. Wet Dry Try
l. ICanWrite2
m. LetterBox
n. Word Wizard
o. Ready to Print
p. How to Draw
q. Snap Type for Occupational Therapy



10. Typing
a. Type Fun Lite
b. Word Drop Free
c. FastTyper2
d. ABCKeyboard
e. TapTyping
f. EnglishTypingClass
g. Word Burst
h. Ghost Type
i. KB Explore
j. Keyboard Fun
k. Typing Fun

11.Cognitive/Executive Functioning
a. MatrixMatch1
b. MatrixMatch2
c. Series1
d. Brain Synch
e. SimpleSimon
f. Fit Brains
g. Agnitus
h. Sentence Maker
i. Tap the Frog
j. Brains!
k. Little Analogies
l. Brain
m. Brain Train HD
n. BrainHQ
o. Brain
p. Crazy Copy
q. Brain Train
r. iGrand Piano

12. Autism
a. NLC Autism
b. FindMe
c. SensoryTraining
d. Touch FREE
e. Grid Player
f. Sing&Hum
g. WDB
h. Emotions
i. Sort it Out 1
j. Fingerpaint
k. Bitsboard
l. Autism Emotions
m. ABA Flashcards Emotions
n. My-House
o. Emotions!
p. Touch Free

a. Injini Lite
b. Move Me Free
c. 3D Puzzle
d. Tangram!
e. Shape Up
f. Move Me Free
g. Jigsaw Puzzle

14.Early Childhood
a. Letterbox
b. My Vehicle
c. Sight Words 2
d. Vehicle Fun
e. Candy Count
f. Math Puppy
g. Math Bugs
h. EduRoom
i. EduKitchen
j. FarmerMarket
k. Magic Match
l. Toca Doctor
m. Hair Salon 2
n. Feel Electric!
o. Hospital Free
p. Awesome Eats
q. Letter Explorer
r. GameBox!
s. QCat’s Animal
t. Ice Land!
u. Savannah!
v. Play & Learn
w. Planet Boing!
x. Math Zombies
y. Endless ABC
z. Grand Piano
{. Play123
|. Circus World
}. Addition!
~. SushiMonster

a. Social Express Lite/Social Express
b. How Are You?
c. Positive Penguins

5 thoughts on “OT Ipad Apps

  1. This is a really interesting list. My son has dyspraxia and a number of LDs. He’s likely got dyslexia. He’s also ADHD. We home school, thank goodness. We were seeing an OT but our insurance doesn’t cover it and we can’t afford the $380 an hour, unfortunately. I felt the OT was the only person who really got my kiddo. We tried vision therapy for eye tracking and spinning (astronaut training), but those both created negative behaviors that had not been in place before those therapies. We’re feeling a bit lost now….I see this list of apps and want to go hog wild, but I really don’t know where to begin. The three big areas of concern are impulse control, reading, and writing.


    1. Hi! Is it possible to still get OT through the school district, even if you home-school? Just a side-note. 🙂 Anyway, in terms of apps, and without seeing your child, I would definitely first choose an app that is free or relatively cheap, and that addresses the impulsivity. A good app for that would be ‘Impulse Control’. That would, at the same time, take into account visual motor and perceptual skills. Hope this helps! Thinking of you:)


      1. Thanks Lauren, I will try that app. We have not been offered an OT through the district, but I haven’t directly asked. We do go to art and music class once a week at the school to make sure we’re getting in a variety of social activities. I have emailed the principal about next year, so once we start that conversation I will pursue that. We’re in a pretty rural area, so I am not sure what the resources are like…but we will try! Thank you so much!


  2. The iPad can be a useful tool to bridge the internet gap by making software tools and information available at the point of service with your patients for education and specific clinic tasks. Staying with our theme this month of use of the iPad in the PT clinical setting , here are my favorite iPad apps that are available for Physical Therapists.


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