The Beauty of Childhood

It was my birthday yesterday. No balloons, no waking up in excitement to check if it was past 12 AM-so that I could officially consider myself one year older. I suppose I’m beginning the stage where birthdays are transcending into markers in time, acknowledging that life is passing, sometimes way too quickly! 6 AM, on […]

Have YOU Ordered Your Copy of The Kids’ Guide for Your Home, Classrom, or Therapy Space? (Hope I Don’t Sound Like a Commercial!)

I know it’s still July…but, if you ARE thinking slightly ahead about September (whether you are a parent, teacher, or therapist), now would be an AWESOME time to pick up a copy of The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control for your home, classroom, or therapy space. Parents and caregivers: Learning and reinforcing […]

Halloween Tactile Bins!

It’s been a while! Here’s a new post just in time for Halloween (already posted on my OT Chic Facebook page): Halloween Tactile Bin Activity 1 bin moon sand (“grave yard dirt”) 1 bin rice (“creepy-crawly bugs”) 1 bin shaving cream (“goo”, “slime”) Items to Find: stretchy skeletons, ghosts, colorful zombie erasers (I found these […]