Gift Ideas for the Holidays

There are a ton of toys and activities out there in the world, but unfortunately I can’t review each product that I have tried in one blog post! 😀 What I would like to do is offer a general list of toys/activities/products that we have found to be fun, effective, and simple-to-use, that also happen to […]

The Beauty of Childhood

It was my birthday yesterday. No balloons, no waking up in excitement to check if it was past 12 AM-so that I could officially consider myself one year older. I suppose I’m beginning the stage where birthdays are transcending into markers in time, acknowledging that life is passing, sometimes way too quickly! 6 AM, on […]

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving. There seems to be an almost magical holiday feeling that is just starting to sparkle in the air, making people feel and act all warm and fuzzy towards each other. Maybe it’s the beautiful fiery leaves falling to the ground, or the feeling of a steaming cup of tea or apple cider […]

Parent/Caregiver Resolutions

    Kids learn by example; by what we say and do. I know it as a therapist. I have said it countless times to parents who have come to see me. As a mom, do I take my own advice? I try to. Honestly. Between working full-time, three kids aged six and under, and working on my […]